Ruby and Diva. The chic, unique wedding boutique.

Today's blog is about ruby+diva, but more precisely about Sara. The mastermind behind this incredible site. I have know Sara for awhile as her son Lucas and my son Kiro are best friends. I approached Sara for my book, Madonne in the 21st century. I felt she was the perfect woman to be featured in this project. She's an amazingly talented and creative person. The success of Ruby and Diva can be put down to her ability to adapt and re-invent herself. Sara has two law degrees. "Having Lucas gave me some focus and, out of necessity, I became a solicitor. When Lucas was nearing the end of primary school, I decided to leave law and, after being inspired from planning my wedding last year, I have set up my own alternative wedding website, which allows me to work in the areas I love – art, design and events.

Welcome to the glorious world of ruby+diva – the chic, unique wedding boutique! We cherry-pick independent, creative designers from all over the globe to bring you a melting pot of unique wedding ideas and styles. This means you can create and personalise your special day all in one lovely place.

The names 'Ruby' and 'Diva' celebrate every woman’s individual and eclectic style: Ruby, the Bohemian and adventurous free spirit; Diva, the urban culture-queen with her finger firmly on the design button."

I take this opportunity to wish Sara all the best for an easy and safe delivery of her new baby.

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