Lauren & David. Barn wedding with Morris dancers, Cotswold.

It warms my heart to write about Lauren and David's wedding at Kingscote Barn in Tetbury.Why? Because it is a memorable date, not just for the newlywed couple but for me too, as it is my own wedding anniversary. I still remember the first time they told me that the date was 14 September, my heart missed a beat. We were talking at Miss vintage wedding fair in Battersea where I was exhibiting. My first reaction was not to cover this wedding. As I really wanted to spend the time with my own family. But then I thought, what if we all go together and spend a long weekend in the beautiful Cotswold? And so we did! The whole family went and we spent a memorable time in the beautiful town of Bristol.

The wedding

The sky was blue, it wasn't exactly warm, but it didn't rain, so the wedding was celebrated outdoors in the magical landscape of the Cotswold. Lauren's real flowers crown was perfectly complementing the gorgeous bridal gown by Belle & Bunty.Oh, and let's not forget the shoes by Rachel Simpson. The attention to detail and the effort in the making of this stylish barn wedding was mostly thanks to Lauren's artistic side. Her very talented friends and family made the magic come alive too with most of the day based on DIY details. From the decoration of the barn with colourful paper flowers to setting up an enormous amount of vintage props everywhere, everything looked just perfect. The relaxed vintage theme worked organically with the rustic beauty of the barn. Ghost Grey gowns of the Bridesmaids looked perfect next to Lauren Bohemian elegance. This was my first barn wedding in the Cotswolds and I absolutely loved it. Thank you, Lauren and David, for this wonderful experience. This  wedding has been featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and Confetti.

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Paola xxx