The importance of a family session – My first time

Family photos the legacy

Something happens when we look at pictures, particularly at your own family pictures, it is like a little fire of joy. Starting deep inside our memory. It is indeed a very beautiful and exciting experience. This is precisely why last Christmas the only present I wished for, was my own family to be photographed by a professional photographer.

too offer family photography because I believe in the importance of this beautiful legacy, the most meaningful gift that anybody could ask for. We are all very obsessed with taking pictures, mostly saved on our phones, or shared on social media.

But hardly any prints! And what happened to those beautiful tangible images on paper? Albums are not only for weddings, but they are also for treasuring special moments in our lives. This is why I carefully chose Queensberry and Folio as companies I can trust to deliver the most beautiful printed albums.

My own family photography experience 

When I asked the lovely Agi to take pictures of my family, all I wanted was to tell a story of the togetherness, to capture the energy of my household.

She is genuinely a wonderful storyteller! Being on the other side of the camera, made me, us, feel very nervous, we felt exposed and vulnerable. This is why we had to choose the photographer very carefully. We, as a family sat down and selected the person who was going to take the pictures of all of us. We agreed that Agi was the perfect match.

The experience was lovely and nerve-wracking at the same time but seeing the pictures at the end was absolutely priceless.

So thank you again Agi, for the most wonderful Christmas present ever!!!

With a big smile and a heart full of joy, I’d like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas.

Paola xxx