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Alex & Audrey, Same-sex wedding, London

Alex and Audrey were married in London. Everything in this wedding was so special, comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable. London with its diversity brings new opportunity every day, and I was so lucky to meet this wonderful couple. I miss them terribly but I am so happy because sometimes we still see each other for dinner.

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Karen & Sara's same sex wedding in Italy

Before starting this blog I would like to apologise for describing it as a Lesbian Wedding in Italy or Same Sex destination wedding. Gay, straight, black, white, old or young, it doesn’t really make any difference to me, except of course for SEO purposes. I needed to be very specific, as I would LOVE to do more weddings like this one. There's no doubt about it, this was one of the most extraordinary weddings that I have ever photographed!

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Sara & Karen samesex engagement shoot in London

The first time I met Sara and Karen was on Sunday 27 October 2013 the day of a severe storm in UK. I was in Brighton for the Gay Wedding Show, exhibiting at the Grand hotel overlooking the sea. The view from my stand was surreal, because of the extreme weather. It was empowering to watch how nature has its way.

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