Ale & Eva. Same-sex engagement shoot in Winter Wonderland, London

About the couple

Ale and Eva are high school sweethearts when they told me their story I felt so honoured and lucky to have been chosen to capture their wedding and their engagement shoot. They are so genuinely wonderful. I immediately felt very close to them it was like being with my own family, we had so much in common and of course being all Italian really created a deep bond. They found me on Google under ‘same-sex wedding photographer in London’.

Winter wonderland

Our first meeting lasted, actually I can't remember, maybe two or three hours. I am always so excited to talk to new couples about their wedding plans. Their ideas were to have a happy colourful, unconventional style with a touch of Walt Disney fairytale. This is why I suggested Winter Wonderland in London, the perfect background for a happy colourful photo shoot. The festive season is always a time to be happy, shared with the family and friends regardless of any religious background. If there's one thing that I personally love about Christmas it has to be carols. In Italy, unfortunately, we don't have such a wonderful tradition. Ale, Eva and I, to be honest, had an incredible time. For 6 weeks Hyde Park, in the heart of London, is transformed into a huge funfair, lifted by the winter festive spirit full of attractions, rides, food stalls and happy people having a good time.

To see more pictures please click here. This shoot has been featured in The Gay Wedding Guide.

Paola xxx