Roz & John. Engagement shoot in Bermondsey, London 

The engagement shoot

I often hear couples telling me how uncomfortable and uneasy they feel about having their picture taken, particularly if is not their friend taking the shot, but a professional photographer. This was very much the case when I first spoke to Roz and John about their pre-wedding session. The wedding day is something that I really want them to treasure and remember as a stress-free experience. I don't want my couples to feel awkward or stressed, this is why I suggest doing an engagement shoot prior to the wedding.

The couple

When I first met Roz and John, it was not in person but via Skype, as they are based in Singapore for work reasons. John looked a bit anxious and worried about the engagement shoot and I totally understood. At the end of their wedding day when it was time to say goodbye, John to said 'Thank you!' and hugged me. I was surprised but delighted! I knew how difficult it was for him to let it go and trust me, first of all on the engagement shoot and then on their wedding day. So, it was wonderful to see how he conquered his fears and enjoyed the experience. Yes, Yeees! I am very passionate about my work and always go the extra mile, so I was proud to have made them happy.

Engagement shoot location

Using a location in London that is special to the couple, meant that they felt comfortable and at home. Prior to moving to Singapore, Roz and John used to live in London, not far from the river Thames, between London Bridge and Bermondsey. This is exactly where we decided to go for their engagement shoot. We met at The Deam Swift, an independent pub in London SE1. This was once their local pub. It was welcoming and friendly. A good place to start the pre-wedding session. 

A huge thank you to the lovely Lisa from Carmela Wedding Planning!

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Paola xxx