Pembroke Lodge English-Asian wedding - Abby & Feisal

When I first met Abby at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, she was very friendly and a bit worried about the actual wedding day. From the very beginning it was very clear what Abby and Feisal wanted. A relaxed and memorable day with friends and relatives. Their aim was to celebrate their union in a meaningful way. Asian weddings are notorious for being huge, and they definitely didn't want that. All they really wanted was to share their happiness with dear friends and close family.

Pembroke Lodge - A stunning venue

Choosing the venue was an important part of the day, as the marriage ceremony and the reception, the dinner and the dance had to be in the same location.

Abby and Feisal decided to express their heritage in one wedding, but with two celebrations. The English, classy and romantic. The Asian, colourful and sweet, as they were literally force feed Asian traditional sweets.

West meets east wedding, happened on 29 June in Pembroke Lodge, a beautiful Georgian mansion located at the highest point in Richmond Park with spectacular views. The weather was perfect, not too hot but pleasantly bright.

The staff at the Lodge were extremely helpful and friendly. The guests really enjoyed the jazz band.

Paola xxx

Venue Pembroke Lodge Jazz band Kai's Cats