Katie & Ross' Engagement shoot in London on a rainy day

Fun and relaxed engagement Photography in London

My goal during an engagement shoot, pre-wedding engagement session or couple session, is to capture the energy, the sparkle, the love between two people. Whether you are visiting London just for fun, or just looking for some images to treasure in the future, the engagement shoot is a fantastic way to discover London and to get to know your wedding photographer. So, what to expect from an engagement shoot? Well, we will meet in London on a pre-decided location, we spend one to two hours with the camera and we finish off the day with a nice warm cup of coffee, if it is winter, or a cool beer if it's summer.

But what happens if it's a rainy day?

First of all let’s not panic,  in fact let’s embrace the weather, yes even the rain. Katie and Ross' photo shoot on a raining day, is the tangible example of a beautiful engagement shoot despite the weather. London is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, full of little gems still undiscovered.

Southbank, London engagement shoot

Southbank never fails to surprise me. It is forever changing, offering always something exciting to do. Katie's nickname is orange, referring to the colour,  because she absolutely loves it.  So, in Southbank we were looking for the orange colour for their engagement shoot, and not surprisingly we were spoilt for choices.

Leadenhall Market, London Engagement Shoot

This is definitely a beautiful location to consider if it's raining. It's mostly covered, very quintessential English and a touch quirky, just what I love.

Old Splitalfields Market, London engagement shoot

After Leadenhall Market, with Katie and Ross, we decided to go to Old Splitalfields Market, the rain hadn’t stopped. This is another wonderful location on a wet day. So, as you can see London is the perfect City to discover when it’s raining. Full of interesting locations despite the weather.

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Paola xxx