Rebecca & Laurent. North Greenwich engagement shoot

North Greenwich engagement shoot

Today, I met Rebecca or Becca, this is how some people affectionately call her, and Laurent in North Greenwich station. I must admit, this is a part of London I am not very familiar with. In the late 1990s, a massive regeneration scheme was put in place to bring to life this neglected part of the city. Nowadays everybody knows the O2, formerly the Millennium Dome, so it's no longer a shabby area. I particularly like the new tube line serving this part of London, the Jubilee line, very efficient and clean indeed.

The couple

Becca and Laurent are relaxed and very synergistic, in a few hours spent together we managed to have an enormous variety of images. We have pictures of painted murals, in the local ecology ParkYacht marine, and urban landscape. Yes, we have them all!

On the day

From North Greenwich station we follow the Olympian way along the river Thames. The area is buzzing with excitement, new innovative and very creative developments are taking place. It is February, the day is sunny but fresh. Walking along the river is energising and we make the most of the rain-free day. We stop at the Yacht Club, located between the Millennium Dome and the Thames barrier  This place is over 100 years old, full of character and boats of course. Our session ends up with a drink and a chat. What a wonderful day! Spent with a beautiful and relaxed couple, soon to be wed at Brixton East 1871  without a doubt one of my favourite urban wedding venue in South London.

"Dear Paola, thank you SO much for today. We both enjoyed it a lot and you were super great, with loads of ideas! So looking forward to the big day... can't wait to see the pics. Hope you are having a lovely evening with your friends xxx B&L"

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Paola xxx