Drinking coffee

I can hear the wind outside, it is late November but still very mild indeed, I’m sitting at my desk drinking coffee, yes, because the day doesn’t start for me unless I can smell the familiar fragrance of espresso... Having grown up in Italy, this is simply part of the daily routine. Sorry, as usual, I'm lost in thought... But let’s go back to... Oh, yes the blog!

Cliveden House

My lovely and multi-talented friend Emiliana from Amoretti Weddings introduce me to Rubeena and Bevan. They first got in touch with her because they needed bespoke stationery for their wedding. Rubeena, with her most gorgeous jet black long hair, is warm, talkative, and very friendly. Bevan is passionate about photography and very knowledgeable. They invited me for a coffee and a chat at their wedding venue Cliveden House. Honestly, it is one of the most impressive places that I’ve ever visited. Cliveden House is part of the National Trust and as I am a member, I knew that the place was going to be mind-blowingly beautiful. What fascinated me most about Cliveden House was its past. Home to dukes, viscounts, earls and a prince, the house used to host the most spectacular and exclusive society, gaining fame for scandalous parties. The interior is rich with beautiful details and this is why on the wedding day I couldn’t stop taking pictures. 

The wedding day

Rubeena is Parisien but originally from Mauritius and Bevan from New Zealand deciding to get married in the French dining room, a spectacular, elegant and opulent private room fantastically decorated with real flowers everywhere by Ruby & Grace. They both prepared for the day at the venue, where friends and family had spent a few days enjoying the English countryside. On the day of the wedding, it was very sunny, so most of the time was spent outside. A Toastmaster directed the day perfectly. For the first dance Rubeena and Bevan had live music and confetti cannons. I totally enjoyed the day, it was wonderful to be able to discover the surroundings, the garden and park. The walk along the river was particularly picturesque, this is where we took more pictures of the newly-wed couple. Thank you Rubeena and Bevan for letting me be your friend and photographer for the day!

Paola xxx