I HAVE been sitting on the thought that my logo and website were no longer expressing my true self. I must admit I didn’t really understand fully the meaning of branding, let alone rebranding.

So, what made me do the jump? Probably something that happened to a dear friend and colleague of mine. To her surprise (and mine too) the couple that employed her to take the pictures of their wedding were somehow very disappointed with the images. 

Really? And why? Honestly, nothing was wrong with the pictures, quite the opposite in fact. So what happened? 

I think the answer is quite simple, their expectation was not met!

So, who’s fault was it? The couple that didn’t spend enough time to study her images on the website or the photographer whose visual message wasn’t clear enough? 

This made the alarm bell go off in my mind… 

This is what I was looking for, now I understand, my visual message needs to be clear, defined and very precise.

The last thing that I would ever want to do is to deceive or disappoint someone. 

So, I started to read about 'brand' and I started looking everywhere (well, mostly online) for information to understand this unknown concept to me.

Distinctive brand identity

I NEED at this point in my professional life to be able to express my real values and likes through my work and website. Creating an emotional connection with the right clients and clearly defining my service amongst the oversaturated wedding photographer market.
Neglecting my website was a way to hide my head in the sand, waiting for the unhappy feeling to go away. I started unloving (if there is such a word) my work.

I was procrastinating to take action because I didn’t know how to find the right way or the right people to help.

I’ve been let down terribly about a year ago when a very questionable (professional) lady selling herself as the best motivated and driven expert in strategic and operational marketing solution took me for a ride... :(

I was angry, confused and mostly disappointed.

Family problems on the horizon didn’t help and so I was sitting again on my unloved and unhappy website. Well… until now!

Things that I like… I love...

THERE are so many things, my family, being creative, taking Polaroid pictures, sitting near the fireplace when it’s cold outside...

  • Walking barefoot in the sand on the beach
  • Fairy lights. In my house they are always on Christmas or not, it just feels so magical and happy
  • Colours. Travelling, visiting new places – I’m obsessed with collecting memorabilia mostly linked to my children’s life
  • Fonts, numbers, and textures
  • I connect with wood, not marble or steel
  • I am mesmerised by creative interior design
  • I embrace up-cycling, in my house, many objects have been re-used and made into something else
  • I like home-made dishes. For Italians, it’s a very important part of their culture
  • Couldn't live without my bike
  • I am not materialistic
  • I believe in chakra and spiritual energy 
  • Could watch Harry Potter for time on end
  • I like to believe in the magical world that mostly exists in children’s mind
  • I love studying and being with people
  • I love connecting people, chatting, and listening to people’s stories.
  • I love sitting outside in summer watching people pass-by
  • I love the spontaneity
  • I like stamps, books (holding and reading them)
  • I love the scented smell in general, herbs, essential oils, the woodland, the seaside. I can remember things through my sense of smell
  • I like looking after people and making them happy
  • I love using my hands to create things
  • I like unusual things, quirky, odd, and colourful
  • I’ve never been the one to conform really. Things started back when I was in the Italy. Curiosity pushed the boundary, so I decided to travel alone to Brazil for one year. The same energy brought me here to London where I now live with my big family of five children

Rebranding that resonates with my target audience

WHAT I really need to do is to be very focused and dig deep to reveal the unique elements of my personal creativity. Every time I work with the wrong client I feel stripped of my positive energy. I am left empty, but when I’m connected with the right client I feel inspired, energised and empowered.

I need to celebrate POSITIVITY, and I know rebranding will help me to do just this!

Paola xxx